March 6, 2009

Not much. Just good times as always

Sorry guys i know its been awhile since we last posted anything. (almost a month) but we had a little miss happ with our camera. We thought we had lost it on our trip to visit Lei's Grand parents a couple of weeks ago. Come to find out, Matthew had taken it and stuck it in the bottom drawer of our filing cabinet on our bedroom closet. Somewhere we rarely ever go or even thought to look. Luckily on Sunday i was looking for some Tax forms and there it was. Anyways. Not much has really happened. We have mostly been getting settled in our new place. Its been great since matthew has his own room and has been mostly sleeping though the night! Lei is esspecially loving it! Matthew got a Haircut this week. it was awhile since he last gone one.

Before After
Banana Clean cut
Isn't he just so handsome! Just like his Daddy!

What a Character
Matthew Hamming it up for the camera

Yummy Sweet Potato
Tonight was the first time Matthew pretty much fed himself out of the bowl with out our help. He did a pretty good job and ate pretty much all of his sweet potato. except for the globs of it he had in his hands and on his face!

Potato Face Bbbbbbbbb
He went straight to the tub :D

Why are you standing on the toilet daddy?

cheezer 2.0
Good times at Bathtime.

Video's to come soon!


liko said...

oh, he is so handsome! love his haircut! ailona, he looks so much like you when you were little!!!

Caleb Keoni Wai Bo Young said...

Adorable pictures! I love the haircut

trevor said...

AW matty is so cute! he is growing so quickly.

Miss you guys!

Karla said...

Hey Leilani! Matthew is getting so big! I love the pictures. Glad to hear you guys are doing great and in your own space... :) I think about you often. Thanks for always helping with the comments on my baby questions... there are so many these days. :)

Elizabeth G. said...


I just received your comment about the whole wheat cornbread. I'm so glad that you liked it! Stop by anytime.

God bless,
Elizabeth (what a cute boy!)