March 28, 2009

This way to the berries

This way to the berries, originally uploaded by ailona.

We got to spend a fun day picking strawberries at the Kings Orchard in Plantersville Texas, which is about an hour or so drive up the freeway from us. Although I didn't pick much myself Lei and Helen both picked about 5lbs each. I was on Matthew duty since right when we got to the patch he started boogieing down the aisle and slipped and fell in some mud! But as usual it didn't slow him down one bit. It was a Beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky BUT the wind was blowing like a Banshee and cold as ice. Nothing a few jackets couldn't fix.

March 21, 2009

Houston Rodeo Carnival

Houston Rodeo Carnival, originally uploaded by ailona.

Got to go the Houston Live Stock and Rodeo Carnival yesterday evening. Matthew really enjoyed all the animals they had there. We didn't get to spend as much time as we would have liked but we still had a great time. Then we went and watched Taylor Swift perform. well Kalani, Tim, Helen and Lei along with the sold out crowd of over 72k people got to watch while Me and Matthew had a good time in the Lobby area since it was SOOOOO LOUD! But thanks T&K for picking up the tickets. we had a great time!

Matthew loved the petting zoo. He was so nice to the animals.
Baby Goat

Mr Sheep

Big Wheel

Hi Baby Chickens
Hi Chickies

Look Ma! "Buh Buh"
nice bunnies

Nice Rabbit

Matthew loved clucking at the chickens
CHICKENS! Big Wheeler

March 20, 2009

Accidents happen

i can do everything with one hand mom
all buss, originally uploaded by ailona.

Its interesting how even though you know your kids are fragile and you try to do everything you can to keep them from getting hurt. But no matter what you do, kids are kids and they are gonna get hurt sometime in their life. This was a hard truth to swallow this week what it happened to our little guy. Matthew took a doozie off his high chair (we think trying to reach stuff on the kitchen counter) and landed on his left harm causing a small fracture in the lower part of his Humerus right above his elbow. Its not serious enough to put him in a full cast. But they did put him in a splint. which is probably as big as a cast but you can at least take it off if needed. and other than not using his left arm, you couldn't tell he has a broken bone. He still does everything he wants to do and hasn't really had trouble sleeping.

But what really amazed me is that even after falling and crying for a good while, he walked right back to the high chair and tried to climb right back in with only one arm! What a nut! But it shows what a determined little guy he is. We have been really bless with Matthew health wise, this is his first real accident and i know it wont be the last. I just hope the next one isn't for a long, long time.

Grandma Helen got him a few get well presents, one of which was the doodler pro and he loves it.
Thanks GH!

March 10, 2009

Photo Frenzy

My poor little family has been bombarded by me taking tons of photos of them this past weekend. When we "Lost" our other camera we decided that we would get a "real" camera for me. (which took some convincing on my part for lei to agree to it) Thanks to ebay and an awesome deal, I now have a Lovely Canon 40d! Hurray!!
So the last few days I've been trying to figure it out again. Its so nice to have a camera that will do what i tell it to do. So thank you Lei for letting me get it. (oh and thanks Timmy G. for letting me borrow your lenses till I get my own)

Today Matthew found a hat our friend Goose gave him. He had fun taking it on and off. So we went out side on the porch so i could snap a few shots in the sunlight.
Check out my hat cool guy

I'm so lucky to have such a Beautiful family!
Leilani Belly Button
I love this last one of Matthew in the tub. He was so curious about his belly button. Gotta love his little belly.

March 6, 2009

Not much. Just good times as always

Sorry guys i know its been awhile since we last posted anything. (almost a month) but we had a little miss happ with our camera. We thought we had lost it on our trip to visit Lei's Grand parents a couple of weeks ago. Come to find out, Matthew had taken it and stuck it in the bottom drawer of our filing cabinet on our bedroom closet. Somewhere we rarely ever go or even thought to look. Luckily on Sunday i was looking for some Tax forms and there it was. Anyways. Not much has really happened. We have mostly been getting settled in our new place. Its been great since matthew has his own room and has been mostly sleeping though the night! Lei is esspecially loving it! Matthew got a Haircut this week. it was awhile since he last gone one.

Before After
Banana Clean cut
Isn't he just so handsome! Just like his Daddy!

What a Character
Matthew Hamming it up for the camera

Yummy Sweet Potato
Tonight was the first time Matthew pretty much fed himself out of the bowl with out our help. He did a pretty good job and ate pretty much all of his sweet potato. except for the globs of it he had in his hands and on his face!

Potato Face Bbbbbbbbb
He went straight to the tub :D

Why are you standing on the toilet daddy?

cheezer 2.0
Good times at Bathtime.

Video's to come soon!