September 27, 2009


oogave, originally uploaded by ailona.

We don't drink a lot of soda but when we do it's usually an Izze which is a no sugar added "natural" soda. But recently while we were at Whole Foods we saw these little guys on the top shelf and we had to get it. We use agave to sweeten a lot of our foods from pancakes to Oatmeal. so naturally we were interested in a soda that used it and it didn't disappoint.

just thought id share

September 8, 2009

Another year gone

Da Cake, originally uploaded by ailona.

some pics from my birthday

blow out
Matthew practicing for his birthday coming up by blowing out my candles

Born to Ride.

setup shot me and the boy

All Business
sporting the birthday gifts.
Helmet and bike shorts from Lei
Shirt and Tie from Helen.

What you cant see is the umbrella and lightstands Kris got me

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!