April 19, 2008


Matthew is now scooting, backwards that is. He has also started putting his bottom in the air while resting only on his hands and feet or knees. Someone told me that scooting backwards is one of the first signs that crawling is coming soon...is that true? Please comment. Mahalo

The picture was taken first thing this morning when Matthew woke up. He was a happy little guy, laying on his tummy and talking to his sleep sheep.

April 18, 2008

Matty jungle gym video and update

This is a video of Matthew playing with his jungle gym. He has learned how to turn the music on and off and change it between the different music settings. He's pretty good at it I think, considering he's not even 5 months. I only showed him once several days ago by grabbing his hand and switching it back and forth with mine. He actually hadn't played with it since then. Good memory my little one.

Also, I am working on getting video of a few of the other funny things he is doing at the moment, but in case I don't I wanted to record it here for now. I have decided that I am going to try and record all the things he is doing and learning at least once a week on the blog. I decided this today when I found a random piece of paper from I'm not sure when that I had written some funny things Matthew was doing at the time. I remember thinking I was so proud of myself for writing this down and that I would totally remember when he had done these things and write them in his baby book (which is so empty except for his name that I wrote in it like a week ago). The piece of paper with no date on it is oh so very helpful, ummm no, not so much. So, here are some things Matthew is currently doing.

On Sunday of this week he started blowing raspberries. He's getting better at it each day, but it is still a lot more spit than fluttering tongue. Very cute nonetheless.

Monday or Tuesday he started this new pouting thing. It's his new precursor to crying. He kind of makes thin fish lips, keeps the top lip still, while quivering and opening the lower lip. He sounds like he's blubbering. I can't help but laugh at him while he's doing it, even though I know the longer I laugh, the closer he is to crying and or screaming. I haven't quite caught this on video yet. I kept the camera close by all day waiting for him to do it, but honestly he really only does it when he's upset and I can't justify upsetting him just to get it on video (at least not yet I can't).

Some old news...Matthew can roll over. He has been doing this for almost a month now (I remember it was a Friday in March-I'm pretty sure it was the 21st, but possibly the Friday before), but these last two weeks (ever since we got the jungle gym) he has perfected it. He rolls over and over and over. Around the same time that he was first rolling over he was also spinning around in place. So, while he is not crawling and getting very far very fast; he has figured out the advantages of spinning around and then rolling or vice versa.

Matthew can also bare weight on his legs. I used to help him pull himself up to sitting after each diaper change and then one day a few weeks ago I pulled him up to standing. Ever since then I have the hardest time just pulling him to a sitting position. He always tries to stand. I'm pretty amazed. He really does all the work; I only hold his hands above his head. He lifts his body up the rest of the way and then lifts each leg one at a time in a wiggly dancing sort of way. I usually sing "don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me" while he does it. Actually my husband and I sing this song to him all the time while helping him dance-whether he is laying down kicking and swinging his arms, or sitting or now sort of standing. We have been singing it ever since we saw the "Alvin and the Chipmunks" movie. By the way, this movie is actually super cute in a very silly sort of way. I love it! And don't worry we actually change the words to the song when we sing it to him; usually something along the lines of "don't you wish your baby was hot like me."

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend and that you have all enjoyed the detail and length of this post!

April 10, 2008

Matts new jungle gym

Thanks to Uncle Adam and Auntie Kristen Eskaran Matty has a new play toy and he loves it!
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