March 21, 2009

Houston Rodeo Carnival

Houston Rodeo Carnival, originally uploaded by ailona.

Got to go the Houston Live Stock and Rodeo Carnival yesterday evening. Matthew really enjoyed all the animals they had there. We didn't get to spend as much time as we would have liked but we still had a great time. Then we went and watched Taylor Swift perform. well Kalani, Tim, Helen and Lei along with the sold out crowd of over 72k people got to watch while Me and Matthew had a good time in the Lobby area since it was SOOOOO LOUD! But thanks T&K for picking up the tickets. we had a great time!

Matthew loved the petting zoo. He was so nice to the animals.
Baby Goat

Mr Sheep

Big Wheel

Hi Baby Chickens
Hi Chickies

Look Ma! "Buh Buh"
nice bunnies

Nice Rabbit

Matthew loved clucking at the chickens
CHICKENS! Big Wheeler


Trevor and Lauren said...

OH! He is getting so big! What a cute little man?! I'm sorry about his little arm, poor guy. But he looks like it doesn't really phase him at all. How you guys liking TEXAS? Miss ya.

Krystyn said...

I love the one of Lei and Matthew in the tractor wheel.

Carli Webb said...

Hey Leilani! A car seat tent is a blanket that velcros on to the bars an your car seat so that your baby has shade and protection and you don't have to keep a blanket on there that keeps falling off. But, I am going to add a detachable strap to mine so that you can take it off and also use it as a nursing cover. Sort of my invention. haha. They are way cute. When I finish the one I am making, I will post it for you.