March 20, 2009

Accidents happen

i can do everything with one hand mom
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Its interesting how even though you know your kids are fragile and you try to do everything you can to keep them from getting hurt. But no matter what you do, kids are kids and they are gonna get hurt sometime in their life. This was a hard truth to swallow this week what it happened to our little guy. Matthew took a doozie off his high chair (we think trying to reach stuff on the kitchen counter) and landed on his left harm causing a small fracture in the lower part of his Humerus right above his elbow. Its not serious enough to put him in a full cast. But they did put him in a splint. which is probably as big as a cast but you can at least take it off if needed. and other than not using his left arm, you couldn't tell he has a broken bone. He still does everything he wants to do and hasn't really had trouble sleeping.

But what really amazed me is that even after falling and crying for a good while, he walked right back to the high chair and tried to climb right back in with only one arm! What a nut! But it shows what a determined little guy he is. We have been really bless with Matthew health wise, this is his first real accident and i know it wont be the last. I just hope the next one isn't for a long, long time.

Grandma Helen got him a few get well presents, one of which was the doodler pro and he loves it.
Thanks GH!


liko said...

oh no! well, let's just hope he isn't as crazy accident-prone as you, ailona. hehe. love you guys.

Ailona said...

we can only hope

Christian said...

AW! Poor little guy. I am dreading the day when Kennedy has her first accident. I never want it to come!

Caleb Keoni Wai Bo Young said...

Oh poor baby! That's good he's a tough guy though!

Amy said...

How sad! I hope he gets better soon!