September 26, 2008

Getting back to Normal

Well its been a week or so since the storm came and went. we got power later in the day of my last post. we are one of the lucky ones. From what the news says there are still about a Million people in the Houston area w/o power. But life is getting back to normal. Theres just been a lot of clean up. We did take a day after to relax and went to Brenham, TX which is about an hour away, Its where they make Bluebell Ice Cream. Although we didn't go to the actual factory we did enjoy some at one of the Favorite local Restaurant called Must be heaven to eat at. We had lunch then walked around, later we came back and had some ice cream. Enjoy the photos from our trip. More Matthew updates to come soon.

September 15, 2008

day 4

Day 4 and we are still without power at home. On the news they say the power company is working from west to east. Since we live on the west side we are hopeful the power would be on. but there are a few poles and lines down in our area so me, lei and matty have been staying at Tims parents house. Luckily for everyone without power houston got a cold front so last night was a cool 60 degrees and it shouldn't get over 85 today. If the power doesn't come back on today we may head to austin to stay at the Great grandparents house untill it does. forgot to bring my camera so no pictures yet. hopefully soon.

September 13, 2008


Just wanted to post to let everyone know we are ok. The rain come down and the floods came up but our little house stayed strong. the fencing around the house didn't fair aswell. and there are alot of downed tree branches. We've been without power at home since about 3am. they say they may not have power up to everyone for maybe 2 weeks. Im at my brother in laws parents home about 10 mins away and they have power. so hopefully we will get ours back soon. we've been having fun watching movies on the portable dvb player and playing board games. ill post again once we get power on at home and ill post some photos. we are praying for all the people that weren't as lucky as us.

September 10, 2008

A Storm is coming

Well it looks like Ike is coming right for us. So we spent the evening getting ready for the worst. Luckily the area we are in doesn't flood too bad so we hope to weather storm out at home. We just keep watching and praying Ike weakens or at least doesn't get too much stronger.
if it keeps on this path we will be on the right side which is not good.

Matthew getting ready for any storm that comes his way.
Oh to be a kid again. w/o a care in the world.

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September 8, 2008

fixed the collage

I fixed the collage image so you can now click it and it will enlarge. sorry about that.

September 6, 2008

Texas Photo Update

We are long over due for an update so here ya go!
Most of you know that we are now back in Texas. We've had to make alot of adjustments but its been good so far. Matthew has been having alot of fun getting to meet some of his uncle and aunts on his moms side. Bot me and lei are doing good. Matty keeps us on our toes daily. He's getting quicker and quicker every day. Check out the photos and i hope to post more soon!
alohas - Ailona
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