July 22, 2008

Car Seat

I just spent the past 10 minutes or so asking the following question as a comment on some of your blogs... I decided to just ask it here to save time.

Matthew has outgrown his infant car seat (>22 lbs). I have no idea which one to get now. I have spent the last several weeks researching and am actually more confused about the whole thing than I was in the beginning. Since he is less than a year old the seat will still need to be rear facing. We have a very small car with a tiny back seat (something that will hopefully change in the near future, but not before we need a new car seat). Most of the reviews on the seats I've looked at complain about how huge these things are.

So tell me, what is your favorite car seat? What do you like/dislike about the seat you have? Do you wish you had a different one? Any advice/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry this post doesn't have video or pictures. I will try and post again later with something more interesting. :)

July 16, 2008

Photo update

We haven't posted anything new lately so i thought id post some photos to catch everyone up to speed

He likes to hold on the chair and talk to people walking around.

One new thing he has started to do lately is grin when he gets excited. its super cute

Another thing he's doing is buzzing his lips alot more.

Mama and son at Kawela Bay for some quick photos
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