February 23, 2008

Matthew oh...

The other day I was taking some video of Matthew sitting and playing in his bouncy chair. He had been grabbing at and talking to the little bear and other stuff that hang from the bar above the seat. He was also checking himself out in the mirror I had hung up. I thought it was cute so I got out the camera. By the time I started taking video he was pretty much over the whole thing. I did manage to get something funny. Enjoy. Oh and notice the giraffe wristband he is rocking. His Grandma G got it for him since he likes to hit himself in the face and gnaw on his hands. This way he at least has something cool to look at while he does it. Actually I'm sure it's just something for him to look at when he puts his hands near his face. He has an adorable elephant too. It has a long trunk which I think is perfect for him to slobber on. haha -Leilani

February 13, 2008

The Bumbo Seat has arrived...

The Bumbo seat we ordered using the gift cards we received for Christmas from Cousin Sarah and Auntie Kelly (Thank you so very much!) came yesterday. As you can see in the picture, Matthew loves it. He is already so strong and great at holding his head up. To brag a little he's been able to hold his head up since just hours after birth. He sure surprised my husbands parents. He really is so amazing. I am so grateful for him. And I am even more thankful for who I am because of him. He really does make me want to be a better person in every way-mother, wife, daughter, sister, etc. I love him. I love talking to him and listening to him try to talk back. I love caring for him-even when that includes a various assortment of bodily fluids somehow ending up all over me. Who knew you could love someone who pees, poops, and spits up on you?! I love you Matthew. You are my favorite. -Leilani
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February 1, 2008

Matthew found his thumb

Matthew has been working on sucking his thumb instead of just gnawing on his entire hand/fist daily for the past few weeks. I finally captured this on video this evening. It's hilarious watching him. Make sure you have the volume up for the full effect. -Leilani