March 10, 2009

Photo Frenzy

My poor little family has been bombarded by me taking tons of photos of them this past weekend. When we "Lost" our other camera we decided that we would get a "real" camera for me. (which took some convincing on my part for lei to agree to it) Thanks to ebay and an awesome deal, I now have a Lovely Canon 40d! Hurray!!
So the last few days I've been trying to figure it out again. Its so nice to have a camera that will do what i tell it to do. So thank you Lei for letting me get it. (oh and thanks Timmy G. for letting me borrow your lenses till I get my own)

Today Matthew found a hat our friend Goose gave him. He had fun taking it on and off. So we went out side on the porch so i could snap a few shots in the sunlight.
Check out my hat cool guy

I'm so lucky to have such a Beautiful family!
Leilani Belly Button
I love this last one of Matthew in the tub. He was so curious about his belly button. Gotta love his little belly.

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Krystyn said...

Yes, what a beautiful family!

Love the belly button inquisition!