April 12, 2010

Movie monday

just a few clips from the past week.
Mowing the lawn


Getting the hang of his scoot bike

April 5, 2010


Time fly's when you're having fun! I can't believe it's already Easter.

We drove up to Dale on Saturday and surprised Helen and the Great Grandparents for an early Easter present. We spent most of the afternoon helping around the place getting it ready for the big lunch on Sunday. Matthew had a blast helping to clean the swings with Grandma Helen and Mow the lawn with me on the riding lawn mower.

On Sunday we woke up early and attended a wonderful Easter church service at the Great Grandparents Church. It was raining most of the morning so we just hung out inside but lucky for us, right about 1pm the sun peaked out and dried everything up just in time for lunch and the Easter egg hunt. One of Lei's cousins, Will, brought along his Girlfriend who has a 4 year old daughter named Ashley. Matthew was so excited to have a Friend to play with. They had fun helping each other out during the hunt. Because she is so much older than Matthew and we figured she could probably find most of the eggs faster than Matty, We divided the eggs up into Boy and Girl Eggs. Matthew could only find Blue and Green eggs, where Ashley could only find Pink and Purple. Surprisingly it worked very well and they even helped each other out.

Thanks everyone for the great weekend!