November 30, 2008

Matty photo update

The other day i was cleaning out my suit case and matty thought it was funny to climb into it. I told him i was gonna close it and send him to Grandma G in hawaii.. He just laughed.

We got a new cloths hamper that has wheels and a handle on it, so i sliped matty into and wheeled him around. he that it was so much fun. after i took him out he kept trying to climb back in.

Its been getting really cold lately so we stoped by REI last night and picked up a Beanie for him. He's doing okay with it. but he likes to pull it off and try to put it on himself which he has yet to master. but doesn't he look cute!

Now that he's 1 he can sit forward. he was pretty excited

Rock'n and Roll'n off his tonka

November 22, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Well Matthew's Birthday isn't till tomorrow but due to scheduling conflicts with the Holly and Tim we had his birthday celebration today. We had alot of fun watching him react to all these new experiences, the main one being his first encounter with cake. It was alittle tough for Lei to let him taste it. But we figured What the heck its his 1st b-day. lets see what he'll do with it. But instead of making a birthday cake we figured we'd make it extra special with a Gormet style cup cake From Crave Cakes. The kids that Lei toutors let her try one earlier this week and she fell in love. Check the vid and watch matty go at it.

This ones for Grandma G. He loves his new tonka truck

November 13, 2008

I can feed myself!

Matthew is working on feeding himself. He's such an independent person he likes to have his own spoon when we feed him. so i usually wait till theres not so much food in the bowl and let him have at it. He's getting pretty good.