November 2, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Saturday was our Wards Haloween activity with Games and activites for the kids along with Trunk or Treating. It was a great time, Helen made a Awesome Dragon costume for Matthew this year and Lucas went as a baby Giraffe. They both were super cute but if you asked Matthew he was a "Scaaary Dragon". Either way, we all had a fun while Lucas slept and ate most of the time.


IMG_8651.jpg IMG_8653.jpg

IMG_8655.jpg IMG_8663.jpg

IMG_8684.jpg IMG_8679.jpg

October 25, 2010


Matthews loves his puzzles

October 10, 2010

Lucas' First Sunday At Church

Brothers, originally uploaded by ailona.
It was delayed a week because of Conference but today was Lucas' first visit to church. He was a great baby and slept most of the time we were there, except for when he was eating of course.


IMG_8462.jpgDressed up

October 7, 2010


some fun fotos from the past week or so






September 20, 2010

2 weeks


Today Lucas officially makes 2 weeks and since I slacked and didn't do a 1 week photo shoot, I had to today.

Happy boy ooOOoo



Relax bw


September 18, 2010

Video Update

Its been a fun first 2 weeks with Lucas finally here. He's growing so fast and as of Thursday he was an ounce over his birth weight and already filling out his newborn onesies. Matthew is adjusting well as a new big brother. He as a few things to learn but he's getting there. I don't have a lot of time to make a detailed blog post so I uploaded a few videos.

Lucas Video Intro
His first big cry the day after he was born. He was fine until I grabbed the camera, I don't think he was wanting to be on camera.  

Fun Matthew Videos

August 18, 2010

2 weeks to go

Well, its about 2 and a half weeks till to the due date. However, in reality, the baby could come any day now! We've been working like crazy to get our place organized and ready for our new edition. I dont think as a man, I could ever really understand how important nesting is for expecting mothers. I know its really helped Lei feel more excited for the lil guy to come. Because he could come any day, we decided to go and take a few pics.

IMG_6942 IMG_6944


And whats a post without a pic of the cutest kid in the world !

July 16, 2010

Pool time

We've been lucky to be able to go to the pool almost every morning this summer and Matthew is loving it! He loves to swim and he recently has began to learn how to swim without his floaties. He will kick off from the stairs and swim to Leilani who is about 5 ft away. He doesn't have the strength or technique to keep his head above the water but he holds his breath till he gets there and kicks his little heart out. its also been nice because after we get back and eat a snack, I dont have to fight him to take a nap. He will usually knocks right out.

the bellies
ta da floaties.
all smiles

July 11, 2010

Quick update

So its been awhile since I have updated the blog, BUT I hope to remedy this soon. The good news is that we are still alive and well. Part of the reason its been so long was I got sick and kind of lost my will to blog.... sorta

About a month or so ago I got a really bad case of Strep throat. So bad in fact, that my throat basically swoll up so much that I couldn't eat or barely drink anything. Lucky for me, Leilani has an AWESOME natural Dr., Dr. Krupka, who fixed me up with some herbal remedy's that, surprisingly enough, started working the next day. The yucky part is that it working meant... *this is the gross part **, that a hole opened up in the top part of my throat to allow the puss to drain out. But with the herbs and the super duper Thieves spray Leilani fixed up for me and of course a preisthood blessing; I was all better within the next few days.
It's probably the sickest I have ever been and I literally thought I was going to die. But I didn't... I was already sold on natural medicine with how it helped Leilani with her epilepsy, but I would never have thought it would help knock out a bad staph infection without the help of modern antibiotics. Anyways, on to better and fun topics!

Leilani is 8 months along now! Time is going by quick; it's go time! We are starting to kick it into high gear to get ready for the birth. Since we are doing a home birth again, it's up to me to get the apartment spick and span for the new edition. This isn't my area of expertise but I'll do my best.

Took this yesterday with Lelani's friend Amy who is about 5 1/2 months pregnant as well. We had a fun morning at the park with them while I took photos of their 1 1/2 year old Timothy. Aren't they Beautiful!

Matthew and Timothy havin fun

4th of July - We went over to our friends the Weismanns, for a fun filled evening of good bbq and fireworks. Matthew had a blast with the sparklers and morning glories, but what kid doesn't!
Glory Sparks


More updates soon to come... I promise.
- Ailona

May 4, 2010

Half way there

I can't believe we have only four months left until the little guy is here. We are so excited!

**The pictures are from 2 weeks ago.

Mama Lei

April 12, 2010

Movie monday

just a few clips from the past week.
Mowing the lawn


Getting the hang of his scoot bike

April 5, 2010


Time fly's when you're having fun! I can't believe it's already Easter.

We drove up to Dale on Saturday and surprised Helen and the Great Grandparents for an early Easter present. We spent most of the afternoon helping around the place getting it ready for the big lunch on Sunday. Matthew had a blast helping to clean the swings with Grandma Helen and Mow the lawn with me on the riding lawn mower.

On Sunday we woke up early and attended a wonderful Easter church service at the Great Grandparents Church. It was raining most of the morning so we just hung out inside but lucky for us, right about 1pm the sun peaked out and dried everything up just in time for lunch and the Easter egg hunt. One of Lei's cousins, Will, brought along his Girlfriend who has a 4 year old daughter named Ashley. Matthew was so excited to have a Friend to play with. They had fun helping each other out during the hunt. Because she is so much older than Matthew and we figured she could probably find most of the eggs faster than Matty, We divided the eggs up into Boy and Girl Eggs. Matthew could only find Blue and Green eggs, where Ashley could only find Pink and Purple. Surprisingly it worked very well and they even helped each other out.

Thanks everyone for the great weekend!