October 31, 2008

Matty's first Halloween!

Matthew had a good time going Trick or Treating with Mom and Dad tonight. He was super cute with is Cow costume Grandma Helen made for him custom! He even had a bell to go with it. He was a little shy at the door ways but everyone loved him. We didn't go to a lot of houses, just a few. Halloweens in this neighborhood aren't like the ones in Laie where the streets are full of kids and you know almost everyone that comes by. We probably only had about 15 or 20 kids come by tonight. But that's okay we still had fun and we will definitely have to do more next year! But thanks Grandma Helen for doing such a great job on the costume!

I accidentally recorded this in portrait mode. but it was to cute not to uploadPosted by Picasa

October 27, 2008

Eating time

Its always fun feeding Matthew. He's always a little character. Sometimes he eats well, sometimes not so much. but he always keeps it interesting. So Lei took a little video of feeding time the other night. well its more on the long side. Its funny though because I always get mixed up on what im feeding him when its green. Is it Green Beans or Peas? i always forget. Anyways. Enjoy the video.

October 21, 2008

Matthew Loves Watermelon

Watermelon is Matthew's most favorite treat at the moment. He gets so excited and has a ball biting and sucking off the cubes we feed him. When we go to Wholefoods we grab a chunk from the samples and it keeps him busy.

October 19, 2008

Getting ready for Haloween

Matty's been getting in the spirit of halloween with this spider jammies. He had fun in the jammies playing with the baloons he got from the waitress at Luby's last week and he loves them.

Another thing he's been doing to get ready for haloween is walking, Hes getting better and better every day! check the vid

October 15, 2008


Buddys, originally uploaded by ailona.

I know its been a little while but im working on getting more video together as requested by Grandma G.

Its getting a little hectic here as both me and Lei have been doing some Part time work until i get into school. Lei has been doing tutoring in the morning from 9-12 everyday and I've just started a job as a Field Tech from 12:30pm to whenever im done for a company called Smartech. We do warranty hardware repair for Dell, IBM etc. Its been a little crazy, especially driving around Houston.

But we are still alive.. barley

October 5, 2008

Exciting week / weekend

Well its been an exciting few weeks as Matthew has started to really get the hang of this walking thing. He's up to about 6 steps and getting braver by the day.

But now that he's walking, he's also starting to climb and getting into all sorts of trouble. Here he is climbing on to some boxes in the pantry and pulling things off the shelves.

But with all the extra moving around he gets tired alot quicker. Here he fell asleep under my desk the other day.

Another fun thing that happend on friday was that a school bus scraped our little green honda while it was parked on the street. There was a Trailer that was parked across the street and the bus tried to squeeze between the two and put some nice yellow scrapes in our fender.

Leilani's mom works for BP so we got to go to a company picnic at Gordon Ranch. We had a good time. they had BBQ, Hay rides, a Petting zoo, Snow cones, chili cook off and alot more.