February 10, 2009


I took these photos a few weeks back and forgot to post them. But matthew is getting pretty good with using pens and crayons. and does good with only writing on the paper. well until he start the chew on the pen. hopefully that will end once he's done teething. But you cant get upset at him with a smile like that!
Helping mom

February 2, 2009

our new place

Apartment 360

We just moved into our new apartment this weekend! We've been staying with Grandma Helen since about august or so and we are SO thankful for her hospitality for allowing us to stay there so long and until we found our own place. And although we are sad to leave her, we are excited to be starting a new chapter in the apartment with our little family. The best part is that Matthew has his own room for all his toys and away from me so i don't wake him up with my snoring anymore. It was fun moving in especially since its on the 3rd floor!! we couldn't have done it without the help of our friends, so thanks Kalani & Tim, Jon and Amy, Helen and of course U-haul :D. I hope they are not as sore as I am today. I have blisters on the bottom of some of my toes! yikes. While there's still a lot of organizing to be done. We have alot done.
Here's a Quick panorama I took tonight for y'all to get a feel of our new place. Dont worry Better Normal Photos will be coming soon.

Click here for super large view