June 30, 2008

One Tooth, Two Teeth

Matthew now has two bottom teeth. It's definitely been an adjustment for all of us around here. It now hurts when he bites your finger, nose, etc. The first tooth poked through the gums on June 12 and the second just 5 days later on June 17. He was quite the fussy guy as they were coming in. Thankfully we found a wonderful all natural Homeopathic teething gel that worked like magic, so we didn't lose too many nights sleep. Seriously, this stuff rocks! His gums/teeth would mainly bother him at night. He would pretty much refuse to eat and if he did happen to fall asleep it was only for mere minutes. He just couldn't stay asleep. A dab of this stuff and he was fast asleep within 15 minutes.

This is the only picture I have so far. It was taken a week ago. I felt bad as I took it, but the only way to see his teeth is when he is either crying or laughing. It is much harder to get a picture of him laughing. He tends to stop as soon as the camera comes out, unless there is someone else there to distract him from seeing it. So, here's a picture of his two teeth as well as a picture of him crying. I can hear his frustration every time I look at it. I'm guessing the top two teeth will be next?

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June 27, 2008

June Photo Update

Hanging out at the park with his cousin Alexis Scott. We had a big bbq with the whole family. it was a fun time.

These are from a few weeks back but it was the first time we caught him kneeling down.

Mathew Enjoying bath time with his new rubber ducky that squirts water. tossed the wash cloth on his head and he just left it there. it was really cute.

more to come soon
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June 16, 2008

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!

Dear Dad,

Thanks for all the fun times so far. It's been a great 6 1/2 months.
I'm always so happy to see you when you come home from work.
And I love weekends because you never leave me. You are the best Dad!

Love, Matty

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June 9, 2008

Weekly Update 6/8/08

Matthew had a pretty big week. It was filled with all kinds of new experiences. Here's a run down of a few of them.

-Picture from 6/6/2008
Monday, (6/2/08) he learned how to stand up by himself using anything tall enough to pull himself up with. Here he is having a ball standing up in his bed/playpen. He just thought he was the cats pajamas standing up by himself! He also sat up from laying down for the first time as well. He is just moving along so fast!

Next He got to go to his Uncle Kris and Aunt Jessica's wedding. He got to wear his new outfit and hang out with his cousins. Here he is with his cousin Alexis Scott, Amity and Jared Scott's baby girl. Aren't they just precious!

Today he inherited a new stroller from the Scott's. He just loves it. We took him for a walk today and he just enjoyed every minute!

I also wanted to say Congratulations to my brother Kris and our new sister Jessica! Good luck guys!

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