December 20, 2009

Sunny Days

After a couple of weeks of ugly, wet weather, the sun finally showed his beautiful face again. So me and Matthew headed out for a walk around the neighborhood and a fun time at the park

Sun Burst

christmas time
Matthew loved all the christmas decorations, he loved them so much he kept walking into peoples yards to play with them

A family that Lei tutors for lives in a nice neighborhood which put on a "snow day" for the kids. So we took Matthew and he had a blast playing in the snow. Well it was more like shave ice, which made it slippery to walk on. The second to last picture on the bottom is Matthew getting up after he face planted in the show and if you look close you can see some snow under his nose. haha. he was okay and it didn't slow him down one bit.

IMG_2166.jpg IMG_2184.jpg

IMG_2188.jpg IMG_2201.jpg

IMG_2186.jpg IMG_2194.jpg

IMG_2195.jpg IMG_2208.jpg

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Kapewa said...

Love the video''s fun to watch him doing his thing.