December 7, 2009

Christmas Tree

Leilani's been jonesing to get a Christmas tree since thankgiving and after much debating between a real or fake tree. we went out and got a fake one. We usually go out and cut down our own, but we thought it would be easier this year. We got the tree up but hopefully today we are going to decorate it

Matthew was really excited about the tree but had a lot more fun playing with the box.

IMG_1750.jpg IMG_1755.jpg

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KristenE. said...

yay!! Such a beautiful tree! Adam and I got a fake tree last year-- mostly because we didnt go shopping for a real tree until the week before xmas and we couldn't find ANYTHING. We love it, it is so easy and has the lights on it already. We dont have to worry if the tree will fit in the car-- not to mention the lack of needles to have to clean up :)