December 1, 2009

Mathew's 2nd Birthday / Thanksgiving / Grandma Gellerts Visit

A lot has happened this week with Matthew's Birthday, My mom coming to visit and Thanksgiving.

Matthew's Birthday Party

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We can't believe that Matty's 2 already! Time has just flown by! His birthday was actually monday the 23rd, but with everyone busy we did it on sunday so everyone could be there. Leilani made some special red velvet cupcakes for matthew. He seamed to like it but only ate alittle nibble from the side, he had more fun blowing out the candles.
Matthew got lots of presents from everyone, most of which were GeoTrax sets and cars thanks to Mommy, Grandma Helen and Auntie Kalani. He loves its but he's still getting a hang of the whole remote control thing.


We drove up to Dale to spend thanksgiving at Leilani's Grandparents along with Helen, Kalani and their cousins Forest, Sarah and Jody with her husband Brian and their baby Blake.
It was a great thanksgiving with lots of food and great weather.

Grandma Gellert's Visit
We are greatful this year for my mom being able to come and visit us. It was alot of fun having her around for the week, I know Matthew enjoyed it! Its been over a year since we saw her last and hope she can come back soon.
family a swingin good time

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Trevor and Lauren said...

My little birthday buddy!! Happy Birthday Matty BOY!! I can't believe how old he is!

Caleb and Kellan said...

Happy Birthday! Cute pictures! Thanks for the comment, Leilani. I think I got my jeans at Macys.