August 18, 2010

2 weeks to go

Well, its about 2 and a half weeks till to the due date. However, in reality, the baby could come any day now! We've been working like crazy to get our place organized and ready for our new edition. I dont think as a man, I could ever really understand how important nesting is for expecting mothers. I know its really helped Lei feel more excited for the lil guy to come. Because he could come any day, we decided to go and take a few pics.

IMG_6942 IMG_6944


And whats a post without a pic of the cutest kid in the world !


Krystyn said...

You look so good! I can't believe you have only 2 weeks left. I can't wait to hear of his arrival.

Alicia said...

Oh Lei! I'm so excited for you! You looks amazing! Good luck! Thanks for sharing these pictures!

liko said...

lei - you look lovely!! any day now!! exciting!!

and matthew, he's looking so big now!

Stephanie said...

You look beautiful - way too cute to be due in just 2 weeks! I'm so excited for you!