July 16, 2010

Pool time

We've been lucky to be able to go to the pool almost every morning this summer and Matthew is loving it! He loves to swim and he recently has began to learn how to swim without his floaties. He will kick off from the stairs and swim to Leilani who is about 5 ft away. He doesn't have the strength or technique to keep his head above the water but he holds his breath till he gets there and kicks his little heart out. its also been nice because after we get back and eat a snack, I dont have to fight him to take a nap. He will usually knocks right out.

the bellies
ta da floaties.
all smiles


Oscarson Photography said...

Great shots! I miss swimming in TX. Water's warm, it's not cold when you get out... And what can I say, you have a beautiful family.

Caleb and Kellan said...

Fun! I'm impressed with his swimming! That's a cute one of him looking at his future sibling! :)

Kapewa said...

Aaaah...summer fun!

Anonymous said...

very Niiiiiice