February 1, 2010

power windows

With school going again I've been really trying to balance my time at home between homework, work, and especially Matthew. so every day, after doing a little work in the morning I try to take him out for a walk or bike ride, if the weather permits. Today we kicked the soccer ball around and then we worked on cleaning up our Honda. Well, mostly i cleaned and Matthew played with the windows. In the pics below he had his head to far out once and it caught him off guard and clipped his nose, it was hilarious and i was excited i caught it on camera.

power windows


Melanie said...

That is a great photo series!! You've got to get that framed - all three in a row!

liko said...

that is awesome!! love the third one down - he's soooo cute!! getting BIG!

Erin said...

What a cutie. The one where his nose hit the window makes me smile.