January 21, 2010

Dippin our toes

Never been a big fan of cold weather, so its been a rough month or so. (That and we all got sick with some yucky virus) But one nice thing about Texas is that winter doesn't last very long. Today the sun was out and a beautiful 75 degrees outside and on our afternoon walk we decided to dip our feet in the pool. Not realizing the water hasn't had enough time to warm up yet, we stuck our feet in the freezing cold water. Matthew had a blast kicking and splashing and even wanted to jump all the way in. He's a nut! You can see the fun in the video below. I didn't feel like editing so its a wonderful 8 minutes of fun.

1 comment:

Kapewa said...

The water looks yummy...but too cold. It's so fun to see the joy he has splashing you. Too cute!