April 3, 2009

No Splints!

Took Matthew to the doctor Thursday and got some good news that after only 2 1/2 weeks, the doctor said that Matty doesn't have to wear his splint anymore! Although its not 100% healed, there is so much new bone growth that there shouldn't be any issues with it. That and the fact that it was a struggle even to keep it on him :D He's a crafty little guy.
He's still favoring in it some but is starting to use it more and more. we just hope he'll go easy on it.
The doc was amazed amount of new bone growth that has happened since the last X-ray. From the Xray it looked like almost an 1/8th inch all around his Humerus the other bones in his arm... well that might be an exaggeration but there was a lot. its amazing how fast these little guys grow.


i have two arms?


Krystyn said...

So glad he healed so well and so quickly.

Amanda Hardman said...

i know i've asked you this before...but i forgot to keep track of it...what kind of camera do you have. your pictures are so professional looking. great job!

Ailona said...

@Amanda. Thanks! im glad you like the photos. We just got a Canon 40d DSLR which helps out, but it has a lot to do with lighting and LUCK! I also do some post editing in Adobe Lightroom to give the shots a little more pop. But these i didn't have to do much since the light from the setting sun was perfect.

Jake, Heather, and Jadin said...

Matthew is so dang cute. Poor little guy with his cast. It breaks my heart. Thanks for the advice on doing yoga or pilates. I worked out a ton before i got pregnant, but haven't done anything except walking since i got pregnant. But i am gonna go get me a pilates DVD. Thanks!

Kapewa said...

He is growing up too fast!