April 27, 2009


Last week was a Busy and Fun week for us. After the rains subsided after last weekend we were able to have some fun outside. Hes a quick run down of our shenanigans and A bunch of photos.

Zoo Trip
Last Thursday (4/23) Leilani went on a field trip with the Campbell's who she home schools, and Matthew and I were able to tag along. So on a beautiful Thursday morning we met up with Leilani, Roni (Mrs. Campbell), Caleb, Ashley, Colin and Stephanie to head over to the Houston Zoo. Matthew really had a great time exploring and seeing all the different animals. He really loved the fish as well as the big elephants. He also had a lot of fun playing with the Campbell kids. They were all really sweet to Matthew and took good care of him. Matthew was a lot easier to handle with all the extra help. Although, I was there mostly to take photos.

Austin / San Antonio Trip
Friday we packed up and headed West to Austin for Kalani's Figure Show. It was a great 3 hour drive for the most part until Matthew decided to get car sick and spew the apple and pear he had eaten while watching a movie. This has happened once before and one would think we would have learned, but no. Luckily it was mostly confined to his shirt and just a little on his car seat strap. After a quick cleanup and wardrobe change we were back on our way.
The show was cool. One of Kalani and Lei's friends from Kentucky, Ardy, and her family, came down to see the show. It's been a few years since they saw each other so it was fun for them to catch up. After the show we drove down with them to San Antonio and spent the night there. The best part is that they live about 5 minutes from Six Flags Fiesta Texas theme park! They had some bring a friend coupons with their season passes and so on the spur of the moment we headed over at about 7:30pm. They close at 9! It was awesome since we got to ride about 4 of the most popular rides in the hour we were there.
We drove home Sunday without an accident. mostly because we took an hour break at a rest stop to feed Matthew his lunch and stretch our legs. So after 3 days of traveling and over 500 miles later we are home safe and sound.

OH Congrats to Kalani for not only winning her Figure Class but also taking the overall!
Good job!

photo sequence of Matthew while he was walking around with his banana


liko said...

i love all the photos!! that zoo looks really awesome! like the aquarium, with all that fish! matthew looks like he was having fun. and sounds like you guys are having a fun time in texas. it's fun to explore. and i especially love that sequence of matthew walking at the end there. so cool!

Krystyn said...

Woa. What a fun and busy weekend.