January 7, 2009

Rocking Horse

Matthew got a surprise Christmas present from Grandma Helen and his Great Grandma and Grandpa Ratliff. He's had it only a since Saturday but he's really getting the hang of it. He still has a foot or so to go before he can get on himself but he loves it. Tonight he really got into it and we had to post some video.

I posted this video from flickr instead of using the crappy built in blogger video player because flickr does a lot better job trans coding the video so you get a better quality vid. Plus i dont know if you've noticed how crappy your video looks after you upload it to blogger. thats because they compress the heck out of it to save space and bandwidth. flickr doesn't. so you get video that looks 10x better and allows you to view in full screen as well, if you feel so inclined. just fyi


Krystyn said...

Super cute.

I don't use flikr..do I need to switch? I use photobucket for my videos, too.

Is it free to do the videos?

Ailona said...

Well its kinda what you are use to using. ive been using flickr for a few years now and i really like it for the community, plus most of my friends use flickr. a flickr account is free and video is a new free addition.
In all honesty i think anything is better than using the built in video player. Youtube, veoh, flickr, photobucket.

liko said...

thanks for the tip! and matthew is so cute! with the head action and his waving and blowing kisses!!!

Kapewa said...

ride 'um cowboy! soo fun