December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday's

mama and son, originally uploaded by ailona.

I know its this is late. but i wanted to at least put something up and tell you i love you. Even though you might not agree. you are more beautiful every day to me. Im glad we got to spend the day together. and thanks Grandma Helen for watching matthew while we went out to dinner.
I hope you enjoyed today and I look forward to many many more birthdays with you!

Kalani and Hershey

The Nutcracker Ballet
For christmas Helen took us all to see the Ballet. It was quite the experience. The seats were amazing and we the dancing was awesome. here are some photos together after the show.


Krystyn said...

Happy Birthdays!

Amanda Hardman said...

How fun! The ballet sounds so fun to me!
Hey do me a favor and tell Kalani I said hi and Happy Birthday. I don't have her email address and I don't think she has a pass the word on for me, even though I am one day late!!