September 10, 2011

Lucas Birthday

♦We had a small Family get together to celebrate Lucas' first birthday! We had a good time with family and enjoyed some yummy treats. For Lucas' first cake, Leilani made Carrot cake cupcakes from scratch with some orange ginger cream cheese frosting. It took him alittle bit to get going at it, first using his finger then Poo Bear as a dipper to taste the frosting before diving into the cake. He's a funny kid!


Nicole said...

happy birthday lucas!!!! he's such a cutie!!! so is mathew! oh can i have the recipe for the cup cakes please!!!and i wish i was there!!

Kapewa said... far away. Love you guys. Give the boys a kiss and a hug for me.

Joshua @ Slim Palate said...

Haha, that's awesome Leilani. I love Mathews face in all of these pics. Pure happiness(for his brother of course)!