March 17, 2010

Damaged Goods

damaged goods, originally uploaded by ailona.

Our poor sentra was rear-ended while Lei stopped at a red light. To make matters worse, the other driver is claiming that Lei reversed into her! Sadly the car that was stopped next to her at the light didn't stick around to be a witness. Gladly, other than a sore neck, Leilani is OK. The bumber on the sentra, not so well.

This all happened yesterday 3/16, at about 12:30pm . I filed claims with our insurance, Geico and the other vehicles insurance, Farmers ins, that same afternoon. By this morning Geico had already taken recorded statements from both drivers and made their liability decision that we is Not At Fault. Farmers, on the other hand has yet to even assign a liability adjuster. Just another reason why we insure with the Gecko

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{Erica} said...

cause it totally makes sense that she would put the car in reverse and back up...what the??!! Some people...sheesh. I detest liars!