July 13, 2009


Its been awhile since Matthew's last haircut. and with it being so hot we decided it was time. So this weekend we got it cut. Lei and I have yet to attempt cutting it on our own. I was never very good with scissors. Maybe next time one of us will.

Eeeewwww... Matts response to me telling him not to chew on the letter Q

ready to go
Ready to go shopping.

belly man haircut-5
After Bath time.

Beanie man
He found my beanie in the closet last week and had fun putting it on and off. He also would fill it up with his small toys and then try to put it on his head. unfortunately i wasn't able to get any shots of that.


Stephanie said...

He seriously has one of the most beautiful eye colors I have ever seen. I am awe struck every time I see them. He's turning into quite the little looker as well ;)

betsy said...

um seriously guys - he is the cutest kid ever!!

Jake, Heather, and Jadin said...

Holy Cow...Matthew is such a little charmer! You need to enter him into a cute kid contest! He would win for sure. His dimples are the best! And love the haircut! He looks like such a big boy now. ps...i knew you'd like Skye's middle name (Leilani). we love the meaning of it too. Jake (my hubby) saw it first when he read a comment from you. He has wanted to name our girl that ever since. hahaa. Thanks to you, we found our perfect name.