October 5, 2008

Exciting week / weekend

Well its been an exciting few weeks as Matthew has started to really get the hang of this walking thing. He's up to about 6 steps and getting braver by the day.

But now that he's walking, he's also starting to climb and getting into all sorts of trouble. Here he is climbing on to some boxes in the pantry and pulling things off the shelves.

But with all the extra moving around he gets tired alot quicker. Here he fell asleep under my desk the other day.

Another fun thing that happend on friday was that a school bus scraped our little green honda while it was parked on the street. There was a Trailer that was parked across the street and the bus tried to squeeze between the two and put some nice yellow scrapes in our fender.

Leilani's mom works for BP so we got to go to a company picnic at Gordon Ranch. We had a good time. they had BBQ, Hay rides, a Petting zoo, Snow cones, chili cook off and alot more.


Carli Webb said...

his walking video was so cute! Yeah, once they start walking, it is all over. : )

Kapewa said...

Fun fun fun. Now you'll have to run to catch him. Good way to stay in shape. : ) Miss you guys.

Kapewa said...

We need more video!!!

Krystyn said...

Oh, he's really getting into trouble now, isn't he?

He's getting to be such a big boy!

Rachel said...

the picnic looks like fun!! that really sucks about the bus, but I'm sure the bus is taking care of everything. congrats on the part-time job!