July 16, 2008

Photo update

We haven't posted anything new lately so i thought id post some photos to catch everyone up to speed

He likes to hold on the chair and talk to people walking around.

One new thing he has started to do lately is grin when he gets excited. its super cute

Another thing he's doing is buzzing his lips alot more.

Mama and son at Kawela Bay for some quick photos
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Stephanie said...

Those are great photos! Can I just say I LOVE those chunky little legs?! Precious. He is getting so big!

Krystyn said...

Look at those legs! Such a chuck-a-monk!!!

And, the sunset? To die for!

Melanie Williams said...

I want to nibble on his cute thighs like they are corn on the cob! You are feeding him well. Good job!

eRiCa said...

i just looove his chubby little legs...I love chubby babies...mine were both chubs until they started crawling and walking...then bam down for 98th percentile to 40th! enjoy those rolls while you can!

Loved the update and the pictures. Why are you guys moving back to the mainland?