June 9, 2008

Weekly Update 6/8/08

Matthew had a pretty big week. It was filled with all kinds of new experiences. Here's a run down of a few of them.

-Picture from 6/6/2008
Monday, (6/2/08) he learned how to stand up by himself using anything tall enough to pull himself up with. Here he is having a ball standing up in his bed/playpen. He just thought he was the cats pajamas standing up by himself! He also sat up from laying down for the first time as well. He is just moving along so fast!

Next He got to go to his Uncle Kris and Aunt Jessica's wedding. He got to wear his new outfit and hang out with his cousins. Here he is with his cousin Alexis Scott, Amity and Jared Scott's baby girl. Aren't they just precious!

Today he inherited a new stroller from the Scott's. He just loves it. We took him for a walk today and he just enjoyed every minute!

I also wanted to say Congratulations to my brother Kris and our new sister Jessica! Good luck guys!

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Melanie Williams said...

he's absolutely adorable

Stephanie said...

I love Matthew's close ups! He's a very photogenic little man :)
Congrats to your brother & his new wife! They look like a lovely couple.

Hayden Family said...

Matthew is sooo cute!! It was fun to be able to play with him this weekend! haha.. :)

Scotts of Paradise said...

Love the pictures. Could you email me the ones of Alexis and Matthew. By the way, we are Scotts. HAHAHA!

liko said...

i LOVE the new pictures of matthew -- i see him more on the blog than in-person. sad...as for your massage, tuesday or thursday at 4 or 5pm?? let me know. you'll enjoy it, i promise. or let me know when a good time is for you and let's stick to it! you need one!