December 31, 2007

Lei's Birthday

I have to say Happy Birthday to Lei! Today she turned 27 and i can tell you she doesn't look a day over 20 ;-) She's my best friend and the greatest Mother. Even though she didn't get the birthday cake she wanted from The Cheesecake Factory, She made the best of things and we had a good time. I love you lei! I look forward to having many more with you! - ailona
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erica grover said...

happy birthday leilani! I love your guts and you know it!

Krystyn said...

Leilani-Happy Birthday, and congratulations on your little Matthew! He sure is handsome!
Krystyn (

AnnaYoung said...

I even had hallmark send me a reminder and I STILL forgot! I'm goign to blame pregnancy brain on this one. . . happy Super duper DUPER late birthday! PS. . . your child is freakign adorable (just like his mom! : )